Third Gathering of Intentional Eucharistic Communities

Location: The National 4-H Youth Conference Center 7100 Connecticut Avenue Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815 (just outside Washington, DC)

Date: May 15th-17th, 2009
group prayer 2009

Keynote Speaker: Robert McClory is a respected Catholic journalist and author whose works include: Turning Point: The Inside Story of the Papal Birth Control Commission (1997), and As It Was in the Beginning: The Coming Democratization of the Church (2007). Mr. McClory will relate his research on the early church to his experience with the Dutch Dominican theologians (NCR, Nov 2007, and Mar 2008), in the context of the transforming presence of IECs.

Themes for other sessions include "Women in Ministry," "Spirituality in Community," "Priesthood of the Faithful,"  "Young Catholics and IECs".  Speakers and panelists are being contacted.

Good News! Generous contributions from more than 20 communities made it possible for us to break even on the Gathering.  Warm thanks to those who contributed.  Additional funding will be needed to maintain our website and keep in touch with folks who have registered and made their contact information available.

2009 Gathering: IEC 2009 Gathering Program and Liturgy Program

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We have made a summary overview of the program available for all of those who would like to view it.


Video and Tapes

Below are links to videos and tapes from the IEC 2009 Gathering for your listing and viewing pleasure:

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Dutch Theologians

Religion and Spirituality

Women in Ministry

Social Justice and the IECs

Young Catholics and the Future of IECs