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Nearly all of the sessions were recorded on video. They are available for a requested contribution to help defray equipment rental costs. Please make your contribution online here, or you can mail a check to "IEC Gathering" c/o 106 E 24 St, Minneapolis MN 55404 with "videos" in the memo.

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The recordings are implemented by volunteers (thank you!) and undedited, so please forgive any poor production value or sound quality.

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Plenary Recordings--click on the session name to view

Opening Prayer and Jamie L. Manson: “You Give them Something to Eat”: Living the Prophetic Call to be Eucharist for One Another
Roger Haight: Meals With Jesus Along the Way: A Theological Spirituality for IECs
Miriam Therese Winter: Resurrecting Jesus: eucharist with a small “e”

Closing Liturgy


Breakout Recordings--click on the session name to view

Pre-Conference: Catholic Social Teaching: We Speak and Act for Dignity and Justice

#1A The Words We Say: We Say What We Mean
#1B IEC's: Why Stay Affiliated With a Global Church?
#1C Collective Voices: Sung Prayer at Liturgy
#1D no session
#1E We are Many People: Nurturing Diversity and Fostering Everyone’s Gifts
#1F Who Writes the Check? Business Models for an Accountable IEC
#1G Two Visions: Research Reveals the Political realities of a Changing Church
#1H Communities Outside the Hierarchy: Exodus to the Promised Land?
#2A Breaking Open the Word: Two Experiences--session was not recorded
#2B Songs for Celebrating the Liturgy of Life--sesssion was not recorded
#2C Tasting the Reign of God: The Meal Ministry of Jesus
#2D Where’s the bread? Let’s set the Table
#2E Go Forth, Feed My Sheep: From Food Shelves to the White House
#2F Young Souls, Young Hearts, Young Minds: Children’s Education
#2G A Song is Somewhere to Begin
#2H Women in Liturgy and Ritual
#3A Primacy of Conscience, IEC Perspective
#3B Transition: Building Bridges to a Better Church
#3C Celebrating Together: Sacraments, Funerals, and Feasts, Oh My!
#3D Nuts and Bolts of Making It Work: Models, Decision Making, and Governance of IECs
#3E “Gathering” vs “Being Sent”: Living the Gospel, Stages of IEC Development
#3F Twenty-first Century Parchment: Technology That Binds Us
#3G The Future of IECs
#3H Actualizing the Francis Revolution In IECs: How to Activate and Mobilize an IEC